BFBA National Championships

BFBA National Championship Derek Gardner Farrier Competition Grant Watt

Grant Watt, BFBA National Champion 2019This time last week we were at the BFBA National Championships. Derek judged the Royal Bath and West farriery competition, which this year included the British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association National Championships, alongside Andy Reader-Smith AWCF. We had a thoroughly enjoyable four days, well done to all those who were placed and huge congratulations to Grant Watt, 2019 National Champion, and his striker Jack Casserly who got to take home the Derek Gardner Sledgehammer!

Full results as follows - 

Riding Pony Shoeing (restricted)

1st Mr A Evans

2nd Mr T Thurgood

3rd Mr J Kirby

4th Mr J Welling


Open Pony Shoeing

1st Mr P Smith

2nd Mr M Randles

3rd Mr L Collins

4th Mr A Collins


Open Shoemaking

1st Mr M Randles

2nd Mr L Collins

3rd Mr G Golby

4TH Mr B Mangan


Open Cob Shoeing

1st Mr G Watt

2nd Mr M Randles

3rd Mr G Golby

4th Mr G Rodgerson


Open Hunter Shoeing

1st Mr M Randles

2nd Mr G Watt

3rd Mr G Golby

4th Mr L Collins


1st & 2nd Year Apprentice

1st Mr H Allison

2nd Mr J Fussell

3rd Mr T Pesci Griffiths


3rd & 4th Year Apprentice

1st Mr R Hawthorne

2nd Mr S Pink

3rd Mr S West


Show Champion

Mr M Randles


Reserve Champions

Mr L Collins

Mr G Golby


National Apprentice Championship

1st Mr S West

2nd Mr J Bell

3rd Mr W Badlan

4th Mr D Welch


National Championship

1st Mr G Watt

2nd Mr D Varini

3rd Mr S Beane

4th Mr L Collins

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